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Pandora Karaoke

Pandora Karaoke is San Francisco’s premier karaoke venue with unique private rooms. I’ve been working with them producing consumer facing flyers and promotional materials in the past, and with their relocation near the Powell and Market cable car turnaround, they wanted a refresh to their B2B materials to align with the move and to showcase the new rooms.

“Follow the lines, follow the lyrics” was the concept behind the campaign, expanding upon their main stage backdrop. After completing the project early, I had the time and opportunity to help design and paint a couple of their sponsored rooms.

ServicesArt direction, Business cards, Decals, Brochure, Flyers, Merch, Murals, and Website.

Business Cards

Pandora Karaoke bcard
Pandora Karaoke promo cards


Pandora Karaoke icons

Multi purpose icons for decals, print materials, and online use.

Pandora main stage


Pandora Karaoke brochure
Pandora Karaoke brochure

Sell sheet to showcase the collection of private rooms and floor plan for private events.

Pandora Karaoke brochure


Pandora Karaoke flyer

Print/digital flyers targeting different audiences and channels.

Pandora Karaoke flyer


Pandora Karaoke shirt

A provocative shirt design to create interest in their private karaoke rooms. Another shirt design using word play from the classic musical, “The Sound of Music”.

Pandora Karaoke shirt


Pandora Karaoke mural
Pandora Karaoke mural
Pandora Karaoke mural
Pandora Karaoke mural

Lobby mural and a couple of their sponsored rooms I helped their team with. Additional photo credit:


Pandora Karaoke web
Pandora Karaoke web
Pandora Karaoke web

Versatile and ingenious.

My skills range from illustrating, coding, and good old fashion creative imagination.


Art + creative direction
Branding + campaign
Print + web design
Illustration + murals


San Francisco, CA


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