Ho’s Chinese Delivery


Project Info

Ho’s Chinese Delivery is a rebranding project to the old Ho’s Chinese Cuisine off Van Ness & Green. They wanted to include the look of the old logo to retain brand equity since it was already established in the neighborhood, but also give it an updated look as well. Gungho Tavern was their idea for a separate brand to go with their newly renovated and extended bar. The circle with the lettering “Ho’s” was the old logo. So I created a complementary form to the circle, the square. This lead to the rectangle shape to resemble a chop (Chinese seal) and mahjong tile for the Gungho Tavern logo. If you ever hung out at a bar full of Asian people, you would most likely to hear the rattle of the liar’s dice game throughout the night. That was the inspiration for tumbling the letterforms.

Deliverables:  logo, signage, business cards, menus, posters, and website.